An Introduction 

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Barren & Fertile

Basswood, sheet metal, found metal.
12  x 6 x 15

Sculpt 1.png

Self Portrait

Found wood, repurposed mirror.
24 x 20 x 10 inches



Given life by environment, affected by warmth, coolness, light, and visual harmony // reflective and dependent upon nature to find a true sense of itself — I am a complex, breathing alternative to this sculpture. The contours of its ridges are derived from the contours of my face, progressively abstracted as it ascends forward, so am I when you reach farther into uncovering my identity.

At first, we are physically perceived, but after physical aspects are known, we are foremost abstract // intangible, immaterial, mental, spiritual and may only be known metaphysically.

The ideas I have about myself are definitive of my internal, my psyche; a literal portrait would only misconstrue the illustration and presentation of myself.

Through this object, titled “Self Portrait”, I offer a natural, unenamored depiction of myself. One may understand that I am not my physical characteristics. I am of the spirit of the earth, which rests in the intangible, the abstract, the emotive, and the intuitive.

sculpt 3.png

Reclining Nude

Basswood, sheet metal.
15 x 5 x 8 inches

sculpt 2.png

Calm Object

Plywood, Plexiglass, found rocks.
18 x 4 x 15 inches